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In anticipation of the FIFA 13 release, I've updated the site to be "versionless". The new URL is: (so without the 12).
Read about the changes here!.

 ** FIFA 13 data available on the new url:! (please update your bookmarks!)
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ID First Name Last Name Shirt Name PositionPos. Club Country Age OverallOvr. PotentialPot. Growth
ID First Name Last Name Shirt Name PositionPos. Club Country Age OverallOvr. PotentialPot. Growth

Preparations made for FIFA 13 September 10th, 2012

In anticipation of the FIFA 13 release, I've made this webpage "versionless", meaning that you can find player data for FIFA 12, aswell as FIFA 13, when it becomes available.

Please update your bookmarks to:

Expanded Position Selection June 25th, 2012

I've expanded the options for the position filter for "Central Midfield (all) [CDM, CM, CAM]" and "Wide Attacking Midfield [LM, RM, LW, RW]". Hope it helps!

Original Player Potentials + Age Filtering Also Available on New Site June 4th, 2012

You can now also find the original player potentials (pre winter-roster update) under the data selection dropbox above the filter!
Plus another major requested feature is added: age filtering. Enjoy!

Now also includes "Best Overall Players" data! June 1st, 2012

I've added "Best Overall Player" data, which is a collection of players that reach overall rating 80 at some point in their career (irrespective of age)! You can switch the player collecting using the data selection dropbox above the filter. Happy searching =)

May 29 2012 update: High Potential Players 2.0 revamp! May 29th, 2012

This website has had a serious update! The changes include:

  • Now optimized for tablets and mobile phones! (please note: the data is large, so it won't ever be blazing fast)
  • Option to filter by country (finally here, after many requests!)
  • Option to enable/disable auto-update filter (strongly beneficial for mobile device users)
  • Various speed and lay-out optimizations

Update: I accidently reactived the pre-winter update data. This has been online for around 16 hours. I'm terribly sorry for this, it is fixed now!


On this page you'll find different collections of FIFA 12 player potential data. To change the data use the selection box above the filter!

  • Young Players with High Potential: No older than 25 (at the start of the season) and reach an overall rating of at least 75 at some point in their career;
  • Best Overall Players: All players who reach overall of at least 80 at some point in their career.

You can use this page to search for promising (youthful) players for your FIFA 12 career mode transfers.


The data presented here is taken (directly) from FIFA 12. The potential should be interpreted as a guideline according to which FIFA 12 itself calculates how fast players should grow. Actual growth however is dependant on how often and how well an individual player plays (the more and the better, the faster the growth).


You can use the advanced filters below to search for the type of player you are interested in. Some interesting use cases:

  • Use the hierarchical ordering of positions to search for players for a combination of positions. You can for instance search for full backs (LB and RB) instead of just LB or RB;
  • Use a combination of minimal overall and growth to find a player that is actually usable now, and has high growth potential;
  • The name filter field searches in the first, last and shirt name for matching players. Please note that special characters in player names have to be included in your search term.
  • As of May 29, 2012 you have the option to disable auto-update filter, which means the filter will only update once you click the "Update filter button". This is especially useful if you are a mobile device user (major performance gains)


Besides regular sorting (done by clicking on a column header) you can also do multi-sorting. You activate multi-sorting by first sorting your primary column, then hold the shift key and then select your secondary column (won't work on touch devices).

Data for the pre-winter update rosters

Is available under the data selection dropdown!

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