Spotify DeDuplicator

An easy way to remove duplicate tracks from your Spotify playlists!

  1. Select all tracks in a Spotify playlist
  2. Drag-'n-drop them below
  3. Press Deduplicate!
  4. Drag-'n-drop the result back to Spotify (in a new playlist)
Usage Instructions and Tips

This tool will allow you to remove all exact duplicate tracks from a selection of Spotify tracks. You can use it to clear up duplicate songs from your playlists! Please note that I am talking about exact duplicates here. If you have the same song featured on different albums (for instance: an album and a single version), this tool won't detect it. That is because it depends on the unique identifier Spotify has assigned to the songs, which differ for different versions of the song.

A typical use case scenario is described above. You want to remove all the duplicate songs from a Spotify playlist, so you follow the 4-step procedure described above. If, for some reason, you can not, or don't want to use drag-'n-drop, you can also use copy and paste: simply select the tracks in Spotify, copy, activate the DeDuplicator input field and paste. The same works when going back to Spotify: select the DeDuplicated track list, copy, activate Spotify and paste.

Please note that you need to drag/copy a selection of tracks, and not a playlist!

I've noticed that it can take a while for a long selection of tracks to be copied in to your clipboard after you start dragging. When you don't get any tracks after a drag-'n-drop, try holding the drag a little longer before dropping! If that doesn't work, try Copy and Paste!

Drag your Spotify tracks in here:

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Your DeDuplicated Tracks! Drag these back to Spotify:

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